Oakberry Christmas Tree Varieties

We sell a range of real fresh Christmas Tree varieties, sizes, rooted, potted & cut, larger trees can be supplied by request. Take a look below for full details on each type:


Norway Spruce


The Norway Spruce is what is normally thought of as being the 'traditional Christmas tree' it has certainly been popular now for many years. The Foliage is slender yellow-green needles The advantages are that they are relatively inexpensive, and may be purchased in virtually any form, Cut, Rooted and Potted.

We sell

Cut Norway Spruces between 4ft to 18ft, starting from £16.00 larger trees can be supplied by request

Rooted Norway Spruces between 4ft to 6ft from £17.00

Potted Norway Spruces between about 3ft to 5ft starting from £17.50

Pot Grown Tiny Norway spruces in Pots, typically 1½ft to 3ft from £16.50

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is similar to a Norway spruce but with slightly better needle retention. The Foliage consists of stiff spiky needles with a dusky blue green colour. The needles are really quite sharp and so probably not suitable for young children.

We sell:

Cut Blue Spruces, between 4 ft and 6 ft from £18.00

Rooted Blue Spruces between 4ft to 6ft from £19.00

Potted Blue Spruces between about 4ft to 5ft from £20.50

Pot Grown Tiny Blue Spruce, typically 2ft to 3ft from £16.50

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is probably best known for it's superb needle retention. The Foliage consists of rich green leaves similar to that of a yew tree, the branches tend to grow in tiers making the tree ideal for hanging baubles from! The popularity of the Nordmann Fir grows year on year despite the higher cost of production -a Normann Fir grows at about half the rate of a Norway Spruce. Generally Nordmann Fir's are only sold as cut trees due to their very deep root system.

We sell:

Cut Nordmann Firs between about 4ft to 14ft from £27.50

Rooted in Pots, (subject to availability) 2½ft to 4ft from £25.00

Pot Grown Tiny Nordmann Firs, typically 1ft to 2ft from £27.50

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir also has very good needle retaining properties. The Fraser, unlike the Nordman Fir has a strong pine fragrance. The Foliage is very dense with deep green leaves similar to that of a yew tree. The tightly packed branches can provide a well-shaped and narrow tree -useful if space is tight. Fir trees tend to have very deep root systems making it only possible to sell them as cut trees


We sell:

Cut Fraser Firs between from 4ft to 6½ft from £27.50

Rooted Fraser Firs between 4ft to 5ft from £30.00

Rooted with a pot, typically 3ft to 5ft from £25.00

Pot Grown Tiny Fraser Firs, typically 1½ft to 2½ft from £20.00


Christmas Tree types

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